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ASDD profile set import and export

The ASDD Automatic Discovery set upgrade allows users to seamlessly create and update an ASDD profile set and its associated domains and classifiers. For usage instructions, see API Calls for ASDD Profile Set Import and Export

ASDD profile set import

ASDD profile set import facilitates a quicker and simpler option for the creation or update of the following masking objects:

  1. A profile set

    • A new profile set can be created.

    • An existing profile set can be updated if there are no active profiling jobs using the specified profile set.

  2. Domains

    • New domains can be created along with their assigned masking and tokenization algorithms.

    • Existing domains can have their assigned masking and tokenization algorithms updated.

  3. Classifiers

    • New classifiers can be created.

    • Existing classifiers' configuration can be modified if there are no active profiling jobs using a profile set that includes the specified classifiers.

The profile set configuration is exported in the form of a dynamically generated JSON file, formatted just like the ASDD Standard profile set JSON, including any files used by the classifiers that are a part of the profile set, all packaged in a single zip file.


ASDD profile set import does not support importing multiple profile sets at a time; it only allows for a single profile set configuration to be installed at a time.

ASDD profile set export

Like the import function, the ASDD profile set export allows for for an easy option to export a given profile set configuration in a zip file. This can be used to easily import the profile set onto another engine, or modifications can be made to the profile set JSON and then imported to the same engine to make updates to the given profile set. 

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