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Upgrading the Continuous Compliance Engine

Upgrades for virtual Compliance Engines

Upgrading Delphix appliances is a multi-step process. This process will affect the availability of the Compliance Engine administrative interface and virtual datasets during the operation, based on the type of upgrade chosen.

Customers running version 5.3.9 and earlier that are requesting an upgrade to and above, please contact Delphix Support to help coordinate this upgrade.

Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.0.x includes pre-checks packaged in the upgrade image, thus, contacting Delphix Support is not required for this upgrade (e.g. ->

For more information on upgrades and the process, please visit the Upgrading the Delphix Engine documentation section. The page is located in the Continuous Data documentation suite, but is relevant to upgrading Continuous Compliance.

Upgrades for containerized Compliance Engines

Containerized Masking is generally expected to be used in an ephemeral fashion. The general process for utilizing newer versions is to upload the new set of containers and deploy new engines from them.

There is not currently a certified process by which to upgrade a Containerized Masking Engine in-place. If you have a need this, please contact your Delphix Representative and inquire about opening an enhancement request.

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