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Managing domains


This article describes how to create and manage domains. Refer to Discovering Your Sensitive Data for an overview of domains and related concepts.


Domains identify a specific type of sensitive data, along with the masking algorithm to use for that data.

Delphix Continuous Compliance includes built-in domains and algorithms for many common types of sensitive data. Users can choose to select a different default masking algorithm for a domain, and/or create additional domains with their default algorithms. 

Additional created algorithms appear in the Algorithms drop-down menu. Because each domain has a single default masking algorithm, a distinct domain (along with recognition logic) must exist or be created for each distinct algorithm in order for the profiler to assign that algorithm in rule sets.

If the purpose for the environment where a profile job is run is set to Tokenization/Re-Identify, the tokenization algorithm associated with the domain will be assigned instead of the masking algorithm. Each domain referenced by any profile set used in tokenization environments should have a tokenization algorithm value defined.

Navigate to Settings > Domains and the list of domains will be displayed. From here, you can add, edit, or delete domains. It also shows their default masking and tokenization algorithms.

The domains on the screen can be filtered or sorted by the various informational fields by clicking on the respective fields. More information on grid filtering and sorting can be found here.

  • Sortable fields are Name, Masking Method and Tokenization Method.

  • Filterable fields are Name, Owner, Masking Method and Tokenization Method.

Adding a new domain

  1. Click the + Domain button from the top-right corner above the Domains grid.

  2. Enter the new Domain Name. The domain name specified will appear as a menu option on the Inventory screen elsewhere in the Delphix Masking Engine. Domain names must be unique.

  3. Select a default Masking Algorithm for the new domain, and click Next.

  4. Select a default Tokenization Algorithm for the new domain if desired, and click Next.

  5. Click Save

Modifying Domains

Users can perform 3 types of action on this screen by clicking the () button to the right of the corresponding row under the Actions column.

View Domain

It will open the summary step directly. Every field on the wizard will be disabled when the View action is selected.

Edit Domain

On clicking Edit action, a wizard will appear for editing the domain. The domain name is not editable after creation hence it will be disabled for Editing. Users can update Masking and Tokenized algorithms.

Note that updating the default masking or tokenization algorithm assigned to a domain only impacts algorithm assignments made by future profiling job executions, it does not have any immediate affect on algorithm assignments in existing rule sets.

Delete Domain

On clicking Delete Action, it will prompt for confirmation. Click on Confirm to delete the domain.

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